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Dos Ocho – Zkittlez & Sour Diesel HHC Dual (1G) Cartridges

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  • Two devices, two strains, endless possibilities.
  • High-quality distillate for a smooth vaping experience.
  • Delightful terpene profiles enhance flavors and aromas.
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05 - 12 Jun, 2023
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Experience the Exquisite Dos Ocho Zkittlez & Sour Diesel HHC Dual Cartridges:

Sour Diesel (SATIVA):
Indulge in the invigorating essence of Sour Diesel, a Sativa-dominant strain renowned for its pungent, diesel-like aroma. Immerse yourself in the herbal taste with an unmistakable lemony aftereffect. This fast-acting strain delivers dreamy and cerebral effects, providing a burst of energy to invigorate your senses.

Zkittlez (INDICA):
Delight in the candy-fruit flavors of Zkittlez, an Indica-dominant hybrid that captures the essence of its namesake. Experience a smooth and multi-faceted journey as this strain unveils its sweet and tropical blend. Let the soothing qualities of Zkittlez embrace you in a tranquil embrace, offering a truly enjoyable experience.

Discover the remarkable cannabinoid profile of our Zkittlez & Sour Diesel HHC Dual Cartridges, carefully crafted to provide an exceptional vaping experience.

What is HHC?
Explore the innovative world of HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol), a cutting-edge technology utilized in our cartridges to enhance your vaping journey. Experience the benefits of precise dosing and consistent quality, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable session every time.

🧪Full Panel COA📋:
Rest assured, our product has undergone rigorous testing. Our full panel Certificate of Analysis guarantees that it contains less than 0.3% THC, meeting legal requirements and providing peace of mind.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary flavors and effects of Dos Ocho’s Zkittlez & Sour Diesel HHC Dual Cartridges. Elevate your vaping experience with high-quality strains, carefully curated for your enjoyment. Uncover the perfect harmony of taste and potency, and embrace the exceptional journey that Dos Ocho brings.

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