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SB Hemp Co – REGRET Gummies – Tropic Roar

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22 - 29 May, 2024
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SB Hemp Co – REGRET Gummies – Tropic Roar (Blue Razz Pineapple)

Embark on a tropical journey with SB Hemp Co’s REGRET Tropic Roar gummies. Each jar contains 30 gummies, each infused with a minimum of 150mg, delivering a total of 4500mg per container. These gummies feature an irresistible Blue Razz Pineapple flavor, creating a delightful tropical experience. Packed with a potent blend of cannabinoids like Delta-8, Delta-9, THC-P, Hydroxy, CBD, and THC-H, they offer a well-rounded and powerful experience.

The cannabinoids work together harmoniously to provide relaxation and relief, combining the calming effects of Delta-8 and Delta-9 with the unique psychoactive profiles of THC-P and THC-H. Hydroxy and CBD bring a balanced, soothing sensation. Each gummy is crafted with quality and consistency in mind to ensure reliable potency and flavor. SB Hemp Co ensures these gummies are lab-tested and formulated to meet the highest standards, so you can confidently enjoy this tropical, Blue Razz Pineapple-flavored journey. The regret will set in – eventually!

SB Hemp Co – REGRET Series:

Additional Information:
  • Hand-Selected, Premium Quality: Each gummy is crafted for consistent potency, quality, and flavor for the best experience.
  • Rich, Tropical Aroma: Enjoy the refreshing scent of Blue Razz Pineapple, blending sweetness and tartness.
  • High Potency: Packed with Delta-8, Delta-9, THC-P, and THC-H, these gummies deliver strong effects for a satisfying journey.
  • Smooth and Flavorful: Each gummy provides a rich tropical flavor, enhancing your cannabinoid experience.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for unwinding or finding relief, these gummies are perfect for any occasion, day or night.
  • Crafted with Care: SB Hemp Co ensures each gummy is formulated and tested for consistency, quality, and safety.

Additional information

Additional information


CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, Hydroxy, THC-H, THC-P

Product Size

150mg, 30-Pieces, 4500mg

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Silverback Hemp Co

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Edible Products, Gummy Products

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Silverback Hemp Co

SB Hemp Co - REGRET Gummies - Tropic Roar

SB Hemp Co – REGRET Gummies – Tropic Roar

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